Casual Winter Friday

enlight1Today is a day to just be comfortable. Simple. Cas-Fab. Ya know? A neutral blousy top, self distressed jeans 👍🏾, a leather jacket and scarf seems to suffice. Simple right?? Now let’s kick up the shoes. Oxfords or loafers would fit right in, but let’s give them some personality. Glitter. You could also wear patterned, bold colored, or textured shoes. Let them make a bit of a statement. I added a bit of texture with my fur pompon scarf. My purse, I inherited from my mama. Alright, time to drop off the little one and hit the J.O.B.

Have a great one Beauts! ✌🏾img_7075

Jacket: Miss Sixty

Jeans: Zco

Top: Urban Outfitters (BDG)

Shoes: Halo

Glasses: Spitfire


Thursday Night Facials

Being a hairstylist, (especially at a blow dry lounge) I need all the skin care I can get. Between the hot air and free radicals blowing on my face, my skin can get completely off balanced and usually needs some TLC, at least once a week. This weeks Thursday Night Facial consisted of three of my staples and one new fave.
I used coconut oil as my makeup remover. It gets the makeup right off and I like using it, opposed to wipes with a lot of pesky chemicals. Also it eliminates too much stimulation on my skin before exfoliation.
img_7033My cleanser was The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash. This is a new favorite of mine. The makers took out all the unnecessary ingredients (alcohol, colors, and preservatives) and added pure aloe. It left my skin feeling super clean yet not stripped.

img_7032Lush’s Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask is definitely a staple of mine. Not only is it a beautiful color, I love the smell and the ground rice makes an excellent exfoliate.

img_7029Lastly I apply Mario Badescu moisturizer with collagen. I smear this stuff all over my face, lips, neck, and even ears. Lol. No one likes wrinkly ears.

Til next time beauts!

Alicia Vikander Critics Choice Dress

Can we just talk about this dress for a second??? Yes, I know this is old news…… but I am still going gaga over this bohemian masterpiece. Alicia wore Mary Katrantzou’s Juno Embellished Gown to the 21st Annual Critics Choice Awards, where she won Best Supporting Actress for the Danish Girl. The elegant lines in this dress are so flattering, the print is absolutely brilliant. This is definitely the best dress I have seen all year. #swoon

Maxis and crops are the best combo. Either as a dress, or as separates, which may be more desirable if you would like to play around with colors and patterns. And this look can look great at so many different occasions, formal or casual. Have fun with it!

Gold Sequin Maxi - where and when would I wear this?! Probably never. But I am absolutely sure I must own this - yehhhhhhssss.:   Shana  Ready to ship by tribalgroove on Etsy: Modest floral maxi dress with sleeves | Shop Mode-sty #nolayering: Kristin Cavallari's Maternity Style - adorable to layer a crop top over a dress! #maternity: Mindy Kaling PERFECTLY tweets back at this unnecessarily mean "fashion blog":


Read my lips….

Who doesn’t like vampy fall lips?! In autumn, my lips STAY stained with Film Noir or Black Cherry lipstick. So, yesterday I went for a Mac visit and wanted to find some different autumn lip shades to add to my collection. Here are some of my favorites…

Enjoy Beauts xoxo


5 Easy Natural Hairstyling Tips

It’s been pretty nippy the past few days, and when it gets cold, I think two things. “My wet hair is freezing me!!” and “My hair doesn’t fit in this beanie!!!! Grrrrrr” (yup, I actually growl. Bulbous domes suck) So today I will share 5 easy tips to help any curly girl with natural styling.

First of all, what is natural styling? Its manipulating the natural texture of your hair without heat or chemical. Examples, braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, and flexi rod/curl former sets. Depending on the hair length and natural curl pattern, these styling techniques can give you a much smoother and elongated style. Let’s get started shall we??

  1. Adding moisture does not always mean wetting the hair. Add creams, oils, or whatever styling products you usually use. Water does help, but its not solely the only thing that can “moisten” your hair.
  2. Learn how to achieve the definition in your style based on the size of your sections and also how wet the hair is. Bigger sections and less wet hair to start will give LESS definition, however a more elongated style. Just note, you may need to touch up the style throughout a few days to maintain it. Smaller sections and wet to damp hair to start will give MORE definition, yet also more shrinkage and much more drying time needed.
  3. Coiling the hair may take a change in direction… Coiling hair means to wrap or twirl a small section of hair around your finger to achieve Shirley Temple like curly locks. If you did this and it looks more like a sad lock, simply change the direction in which you twirled or finger. TA-DA!!!!! Blew your mind right?! Now you have this bouncy curl. Usually curl patterns or directions change from one ear to the other. Also coils are best achieved with a holding gel. You can find great all natural ones too, no harsh alcohol! And don’t forget to gently separate the coils when they are fully dry.
  4. Allow ample amount of time for your styles to dry. Nothing is worse than spending so much time and thinking you’re gonna look bomb when your done, and you get a half dry style that frizzes up in 5 minutes. Whomp Whomp!! Even when starting with less dry hair, give yourself a few hours to overnight for your style to set an dry. Always use your better judgement.
  5. NEVER start Bantu Knots with wet hair!! It will take FORREVVERRR (Squints from The Sandlot voice) to dry. You should use more dry, stretched to elongated hair to start. And spray water in your hand and then apply to your hair. You will be able to monitor how wet the hair is much better and it will keep the hair from reverting back to its natural texture due to being too wet. You want your hair to stay stretched and smooth for this technique.

Happy Styling Beauts! xo

Let’s Keep the Wrinkles at a Minimum Please, Thanks: My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

     Approaching thirty can send one through a psychological trip that’s only fueled by societal acceptance. “What am I dong with my life?” “I should have this, this and that by now..” “Shouldn’t I be further in my 5 year plan??” Really quick, let me just say, you are exactly where you need to be, right now. Always remember, “If you’re not happy, then its not over yet.” And while we can’t reach all of our goals overnight, we can help rejuvenate our skin. Lol  it’s a beauty blog, you should’ve known it was going to head this way soon…. 8)

I must confess, I am not the best when it comes to night time routines for my skin. And like I just mentioned, 30 is pretty much around the corner! :/ In actuality, women should start an anti-aging regimen at the age of 25. So I’m actually a bit behind. However, I refuse to look like Snow White’s evil stepmother (yeah…. when she ain’t so fair amongst the fairest….. . . . .) and have gathered old favorites with new favorites and finally have my nighttime skin care line up. I would also like to add, I did not spend an arm and a leg for these products. This post today is to also show you CAN find awesome products without spending your whole paycheck, but also finding quality ingredients that do the job and do it well. My skin type changes throughout the year, but I usually have combination skin. Dry around my mouth and the corner of my nose, oily in my T zone (across the forehead and down the middle of my nose.)

Remove Make up

First, I remove my make up. I find Coconut oil works best. I’ve tried wipes and make up removers before. To me coconut oil gets make up off the fastest and its so pure, I don’t question what I’m putting on my skin. I usually use tissue to wipe off the oil. Using a soft rag is okay, but I try to avoid it because it is just added exfoliation to the skin, which could be harmful.


So this is an old favorite. I use Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser with Royal Jelly. I love the jelly like consistency of it and it doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped or dry after use. The royal jelly helps enhance my natural radiance and eliminates some dullness I often get from the crazy free radicals out there in the world. Eww.


I’m not sure if this product is truly an exfoliator by category, but that’s what I get out of it plus so much more! I use Tea Face by Your Tea. It’ an all natural, cruelty free product made with Patchouli oil and Your Tea’s Tiny Tea granules. The patchouli oil has so many benefits like tightening the skin, healing old scar tissue, and stimulating new cell growth. After applying it to my face, I really noticed he great smell and the tightening/lifting action. Then when I rinsed it off, my skin felt incredibly clean and smooth. Once again not dry or stripped. And it wasn’t tight after rinsing, so that was a great sign! Since it’s all natural, I put it back in the fridge and it waits for me to repeat three times a week.

Spot Treatment

Underneath my eyes can get very puffy. I love Arbonne’s Corrective Eye Cream. This is also an all natural product. I see results FAST with this cream. Within a week, the puffiness starts to go down and it also gets rid of dark circles. After applying, my skin gets a warming reaction, which I like. I feel like it’s actually working.


Lastly, I use Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15. This cream helps protect my skin from UVA/UVB light and the collagen keeps my skin looking youthful by maintaining its firmness and keeping it plump. Yes, I use SPF at night. This is also my daytime moisturizer( I like it THAT much) I even apply this  cream to my lips to help those suckers out too.

By the end of all this, my skin literally feels like satin, has an awesome glow and doesn’t feel oily or heavy. By this time I’m all ready for bed and did my part in helping me skin rejuvinate itself overnight while I am deep in a dream filed slumber. In the morning, I’ll be singin’ Beyonce’s “I woke up like this” jingle and ready to kick ass on that five year plan. Thirty will be awesome! I hope you give these products a try and please give me some feedback on your thoughts or questions about them.

Night night Beauts xo


“A devoted follower of fashion.” But what does that really mean? Does it mean you must be dripping in Coach or Gucci? Is it assumed you sit front row at Fashion Week, and correctly name every designer just by glimpsing a clutch? I don’t really believe so.

I believe it means to follow fashion everywhere you go. While flipping through magazines as well as strolling downtown. Or even scavenging through flea markets, second hand stores, or boutiques all the same. Being a Fashionista means being open and admiring all pieces of clothing and emsembles, no matter the origin or what the price tag says. What does financial status really have to do with fashion sense anyway??

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast

Hello Beauts! We are in August, the summer is coming to a close and autumn will be upon us. I don’t know bout you guys, but I’m ready for fall fashion!! So today, I wanted to give you the scoop on what we will be seeing on the racks and on the streets as we co exist with vibrantly colored leaves and hot apple ciders alike! 😀 I am super excited about the upcoming trends and color palettes coming this year and even more excited about the pieces that can be taken from summer to fall. I will talk about those next time (you wont have to wait 2 months, I promise).

So for this years fall season we will be seeing a lot of styles channeling the 70’s, but also weaving and lacing in some street style as well. The looks that were seen at this years NYFW (New York Fashion Week) consisted of polished gray pieces, eye catching capes, culottes (yes, they’re back), metallics, head to toe pastels, fringe, plaid pieces, shearling jackets and overcoats, and of course you can’t be a 70’s vixen without the bohemian vibe.

50 Shades of GrayWomen's fashion - style - cute outfit - street chic - grey - floppy hat - cape - boots - booties - classy - beautiful

Personally, I am very excited for the gray color takeover. Its a neutral shade that compliments almost any piece and also can be worn as a sleek monochromatic emsemble. Looks like I finely need to wear those skinny trousers I have in the back of my closet.

The Cape Capades

No, Im no talking about any red riding hood capes or Batgirl capes. These pieces are definitley for the sophisticate. The fabrics vary from wool, tweed and sweaters and styles from prep to rockstar. So this particular trend I am very interested to see how it hits the streets and how it is worn with other pieces. But dont get it twisted, I will be adding one to my fall jacket lineup.


I honestly have to see it to believe it. Not my favorite thing to be brought back, but not knocking it either. A high waisted trouser culotte, chiffon plaid button down and oxfords seems like a future #ootd. Lol.

Metallics, Pastels, and Plaid

These are repeated trends but still favorites. Plaid will be seen in trousers, jackets and in more of a preppy/rockstar look. Bold pastel hues will be seen in head to ensembles. Can someone PLEASE just give me Ri Ri’s cropped baby blue mohair from her Only Girl vid?!?! Thanks in advance. 

Metallics and sequins are usually staple pieces towards the holidays. Nothing makes you look more luminous near the Christmas tree than a shiny dress! But this time around, the  trend is said to hit racks closer to thanksgiving, with a more liquid and futuristic vibe.


glovesinthesummertime:  kingklerlie:  the royal fly   This could be us thoSo….. I’m not a huge fan of shearling, never have been, so probably won’t be this season either. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the style, I just always like it more on others than I do on myself. I will say that I do believe that it is a practical investment, since it does always come back around. So finding a classic piece would be a good buy. Keep it in good condition, and store it wisely off season.

Fringe and Bohemian Beauts

This autumn season will still be full of fringe. However, we will be seeing it on bottoms of skirts or dresses, tweed fringe on sleeves and borders, and also long fringe on purses. The bohemian look for the season will consist of floral prints, maxi skirts, and a more structured, dressy take on the look. Which will be perfect for those up coming holiday parties and give that sequin  cocktail dress a break.

Also keep in mind

Turtle necks, furs and lug soled shoes will be seen. So if you have it, pull it out and rock it!

Well, that’s it for today Beauts. I will follow  up soon with all of our summer pieces we don’t have to pack away just yet. But so far, it looks as though this will be a fashionably fun fall season!!

Peace and so much love xo

Love and Not War with Your Curls

Oh the curls, OH THE CURLS, CURLS, CURLS!!!! By a show of hands, who here is some what to completely lost on how to manage curly hair?……. See, you’re not alone 😛 I too, have curly (and in the past, unruly) hair. O.M.Gosh I can’t begin to tell you how many battles I have had with my frizzy mane as a young lass. But, have no more worries or bitch fits with your curly locks any longer ladies. Imma give you the run down on how to manage and keep your hair super healthy so you can be the curly girl goddess you were born to be.

Moisture is Key

So, for any race/ethnicity, moisture plays a HUGE part in healthy curls. And the best way to achieve that is by #1 Having the professional grade products that work for you and #2 finding a daily/weekly regime that you can commit to. Below is my regimen and products of choice.


So for cleansing my hair, I really like Davines Momo . It’s a moisturizing shampoo that is clear.  Resulting in no heaviness on my hair at all. I have really thick hair yet it’s fine and tightly curled. Usually I would go for something a little more on the heavy side, so it helps to manage my curls. But, I like a lighter shampoo because I don’t do a daily wash and go(I wash about every 5-7 days) and starting out lighter on day one keeps my curls bouncy for the rest of the week, as I might progressivley add styling products during that time.

Huge run on sentence, but you get the point 😉 

Side Note: Some curly girls are suuuuuper opposed to Shampoos, as they feel it strips the hair or dries out their curls. I think it is a personal preference. I have tried cleansing my hair and scalp with the apple cider vinegar and co-washes. I just really like my shampoo. So, if you find a a quality cleanser that works for you, go for it (thumbs up! :D)


Ok…. Conditioner is HUGE to me. Like…… Big. I have probably tried umpteen amounts of different ones but Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner is my fave fave fave. Davines also has  Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner, however, I prefer the smoothing. The sole reason is, my curls shrink up by an inch when they’re dry. The conditioner specifically made to enhance and make curls bouncy, makes my curls even tighter before they are thoroughly dry. The smoothing conditioner relaxes my flawless tendrils resulting in less frizz and minimal shrinkage. I also leave my conditioner in, I do not rinse it out and I only condition as needed between washes.

So, if you have curls that can fall a little flat or need extra bounce, the Love Curl Enhancing is great for you. It very moisturizing, giving the hair life and bounce without leaving a heavy residue.

If you already get a lot of shrinkage and would like for your curls to be more relaxed while still having the moisture your hair needs, go with the Smoothing.

Styling Products

I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to product. I add products as the week goes on.

After a wash and/or conditioning, I follow up with this little guy. Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive. 8) Where has this Product been all my life?!?!?! I love this spray! It’s widely used for people with thinner hair. The Technology of this product is when used it fills the hair strand with moisture to actually make it plumper (hence the name) and then seals the cuticle down locking the product in, creating longer lasting styles with the hair looking compact and very shiny. Also, this product lasts up to 6-8 shampoos.  Uhhhh……. YES PLEASE! You don’t have to have thin hair to use this product, but if you do then it is a two-fer in the benefits department.

Next up is Camille Rose Curlaide. It smells like cake, its great for wash and go’s or if I want to style my curls with curlers and such. This product is amazing. Very Simple and effective, and you don’t need much of it at all. My jar lasted me a month when it was used consistently.

That’s pretty much it. Also all of these products listed are all natural. So you can’t get much better for your hair health than that. Once again just find products that work for you, commit to a routine and get trims when needed and you should be in great shape.

Until next time Beauts, Stasia xoxo

Hello Beauts!!

I’m so excited to get started on this journey of all things beauty and fashion. But first, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Stasia, nice to meet you 🙂 Lets see…. Well for starters,  I’m a professional hair stylist and MUA in the Bay Area of California. I love fashion, painting, cooking, and also have a background in ballet and contemporary dance. So pretty much, anything artistic I’m suuuper into it!

I started this blog because I felt like I was at a point in my career that I could really reach out and connect with women with helpful styling tips for their everyday lifestyle.So, I will be going over everything from maintaining healthy hair and skin, make up tips, and even fashion inspirations! 😀 So, here we go……